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America's #1 Intentional Living Expert! 

Ruthie Q. gives your audience the skills to be

influential leaders and communicators

Ruthie Q is passionate about helping people seize their full potential. Ruthie Q. brings the perfect balance because her motivation comes from real-world experience and a genuine desire to help people. She not only inspires, but she moves people to take action by offering practical and effective approaches to finding what’s already inside of them.

Ruthie Q inspires and uplifts people worldwide. She is the perfect balance between energizing and practical; fun and impactful. As a speaker, Ruthie Q. blends deep, real-world experience with her captivating presence to help people thrive. Every talk is customized by combining engaging stories, and a personal touch that push people to view their journey and solve challenges in ways that they thought were never an option. People are always very engaged and are able to walk away with some great tools that will allow them to be propelled them to their next level.

Ruthie Q. teaches how to turn - Pain Into Power!

  • Ruthie Q. allows you to see a fresh perspective in every situation.
  • Build courage to perform self-evaluation
  • Authentically express yourself
  • Operate with a bold vision and with uninhibited purpose
  • Foster your positive abilities
  • Break free from negative thinking and uncover new possibilities

“You definitely made an impact!” P. Johnson

Speaking Categories
Entrepreneurship Unleashed Seminar: This seminar is for individuals that are ready succeed as an entrepreneur. I help you gain a broader perspective on the world of entrepreneurship by better understanding the triumphs and struggles that every entrepreneur faces. In addition, I help you to understand what it takes to be tenacious, and driven, and I help you to understand what it means to strive and be determined in the face of overwhelming odds. This seminar aims to lay a strong foundation for your future success.
Youth Entrepreneurship Seminar: In this seminar Ruthie Q. presents the perfect opportunity for innovative young students and young adults to learn what it takes to be successful when launching their entrepreneurial ventures. She motivates them to reach for greatness. Through a range of, activities, and working sessions, participants all ages will understand how to develop their creative entrepreneurial side. This seminar is suitable for schools middle schools, high schools, and college students.
The Power of the Business Plan: Propelling Your Company into the Future: Write a Winning Business Plan

In this seminar, I tackle questions such as Why do you need a Business Plan? What is the Organizational Plan? Developing the best marketing plan. Organizing your financial documents. Keeping your Plan Up-to-Date and staying on track. Presenting your plan to potential lenders and partners.

 Life with Multiple Sclerosis: This presentation explores how Ruthie Q. overcame and is still overcoming all things associated with her invisible illness, to empower herself and others to live life out loud and to the fullest.
Seminars for Women and Girls - Below
Individual Coaching (Women and Girls): 

During the one-on-one individual coaching sessions, Ruthie shares her personal journey and helps women to learn their true value and worth. Everyone’s journey is different but we all have one thing in common; we all need to re-define our purpose and ignite our passions.

Train up a child Seminar – Self Esteem - Speaking to girls 6 – 12

This seminar targets girls ages 6-12, teaching them the importance of having a healthy self-esteem. At this delicate age it is important to teach young girls that they are more than enough. At this age, the worlds tries to shape them, but it is important that pro-active measures are taken so give them the best opportunities available by teaching them their true value and worth.

Ready for Life Seminar – Speaking to teens 13 – 19

This seminar is for teen girls 13-19. This seminar teaches young women how to see the world from a healthy perspective. This seminar gives real life scenarios of the speaker’s personal journey. This is such a pivotal time in a young woman’s life where life choices can make us or break us.

Nobody told me Seminar – Speaking to women ages 20 – 40

This seminar is for women that have been through some hardships in life and is looking for insight as to avoid some of the unforeseen pitfalls. Perhaps you have gone through a few unsuccessful relationships and you need understanding.

I’m not going to settle Seminar – Speaking to women 40 up

This seminar is for women that have seen and heard it all. This seminar will prepare you for the next step, but you will continue your journey with the mindset that you are not going to settle for anything less than the best. You will be fully prepared knowing your value and your worth. You will not settle for the “just enough” stage of any relationships.

There are no set schedules for the programs. Our team goes where we are needed when we are needed. Seminars and workshops are arranged with you at your convenience and tailored to your needs. If you would like us to present one of our regular seminars for your organization or if you would like us to develop a program to specifically meet your needs, please write us, email us, or contact us by telephone

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